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Wellness could at times be hard to define but may broadly be seen as taking care of oneself, and doing it well!

Wellness has a lot to do with our happiness levels, feel good factor and emotional well being. It’s all about how well we get along with our family, friends or the people we come across.

Wellness includes our everyday health and well being. It is really a concept that encompasses just about every aspect of our lives!

In essence, wellness is not just being free from illness. It’s a dynamic process that encompasses change and growth.

The Goa Wellness Festival 2018

The Goa Wellness Festival is an annual Wellness & Yoga festival. It lets you inculcate those lifestyle habits in your being that bring about the desired transformation in your everyday life!

    We bought the event to fore after having closely examined the need for Nature based Wellness and Yogic Healing. The 5-7 day festival focuses on:

  • Food As Medicine: Lifestyle therapies via Herbs & Thoughtful food

  • Nature Cure: Utilizing Mother nature’s own recipes to heal

  • Yoga: Inculcating Mindfulness and Yoga exercises as a way of life

Our Goal is to inculcate in our visitors a legacy of love for nature & our natural resources.

    This is a must attend event for detox seekers.

  • Detox seekers: workaholics, gadget addicts, life balance seekers
    The Goa Wellness Festival lets you discover newer dimensions of lifestyle improvement.

  • Lifestyle Improvement: satvik diets, clean foods, herbal remedy fixes
    For any chronic disorders or ailments, you have to give Goa Wellness Festival a try

  • Chronic illness: back-pain, early aging, destructive habits, weight gain/loss

More about Goa Wellness Festival

Our vision is to introduce GWF as a 5-7 days festival with a focus on:

    Yogic wellness:

  • Introductory Yoga practices for beginners

  • Daily 2 – 4 hrs multi-form Yogic training for regular practitioners

  • Interaction & Education forums with Instructors & co-participants

    Food as Medicine:

  • Use Food & Herbs as a medicine

  • Learn & Adopt Thoughtful foods for life

    Nature based cure:

  • Therapies & sessions to initiate healing of chronic and lifestyle disorders

  • The use of Natural Herbs for Wellness in daily being

As you build proximity nature, you come to realize that it is natural resources which withhold the key to eternal health and wellness. We look forward to facilitate a delightful enlightening experience for every one of our esteemed guests.

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