Goa has often been cited as one of the most delightful destinations in India. With its vast stretch of beaches, culinary delicacies, nightlife and a culture which is a combination of contemporary India and Western influence, Goa delights tourists from all corners of the globe. They adore Goa for its ravishing mix of sun, sand and sea.

Goa is really one of the finest destinations in India for international travelers. People of Goa are no strangers to western tourists and come across them round the year.
Let’s figure out some of the very basics for your visit to India during the Goa Wellness Festival, 2018.

For tourists or international tourists alike, finding hotels in Goa is easier than it may be in the rest of India. If you’re in Goa, accommodation woes minimize to a great extent!
Irrespective of your budget, you are likely to find accommodation or rental spaces which match your taste and preference. The variety available may catch you by surprise.

There’d be some Goa resorts for backpackers who are just looking for a nice and cozy room to take away the daytime fatigue. This is found in conjunction with jazzy and deluxe five star suites which delight you with the detailing.

The Goa Wellness Festival 2018 meets you right in the beginning of the year in January, a season which is likely to be breezy. For Goa, this is the peak tourist season. It would be a fine idea to make some accommodation bookings in advance!


While at your Goa trip or while booking your rooms, you might have a choice to make between staying over in North Goa or South Goa.
For once, North Goa is likely to be less expensive than South Goa.

Let’s now analyze the differences between North Goa and South Goa, starting with their beaches.
North Goa beaches will delight you with their vibes. These have an electrifying aura about them and will meet the fancy and delight for everyone who loves to get their party shoes on!

Baga Beach, Vagaator Beach, Anjuna Beach and Calangute Beach are alive with activity, in particular at this time of the year. While you’d find parties that you adore, there’d be watersports that delight. Street food at North Goa beaches ensure that there’s be enough substance and class for anyone who has a ravenous appetite.

But if you are deeply interested in finding a peaceful nook that delights you with sheer beauty of nature, South Goa beaches may make a fine bet. You could lie on the sun kissed beaches on a hammock, enjoying the gentle tan and reading a book that you wanted to finish. These make a fine avenue for some soul searching on your much awaited holiday.

Palolem Baech, Butterfly Beach and Majorda Beach in South Goa have some of the most sophisticated eateries in Goa. Tiswadi Island comes across as one of the best weekend getaways for a couple.


If you are planning to enjoy some of the best heritage locations and delightful beaches in India, you may book a luxury bus for sightseeing.

But getting a personalized car rental for yourself and your family gives you more control. You could then spend more time leisurely strolling a beach, checking out a heritage site, clicking photographs, checking out museums, a trek, the list goes on!

The remainder of destinations could wait for the next calendar day.
You may even have the liberty to rent a self driven bike or a car while in Goa.


Goa Wellness Festival, 2018 brings you to India, the spectacularly beautiful cultural hub in South East Asia. Some of you might be first time travelers, but others might’ve been to India earlier.
Upon coming to India once, you feel the urge to be here over and over again. The country delights with its culture, food, exotic locations, people, sights and sounds, diversity and also ethnic wear.

The Himalayas in the north are the home to some of the most beautiful hilly locations in the world. In the southern part of India, you’d find exotic beaches and delightful seafood.
One of the most common travel locations in North India is the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi combines its traditional ethnic roots with the neo modern metro culture. It’s the best place for some uninterrupted shopping sprees.

Flavors of rustic Rajasthan are seen in Jaipur, along with some definitively delightful locations for sightseeing. Agra is the ancient city which is also the home to the Taj Mahal, indisputably the greatest ancient monument of love.

Markets of Agra are centuries old and upon going there; you take back a piece of India with you.

If you are fond of trekking, you’d find some delightful treks in the bounty of nature in the lap of Himalayas. Mandi, Shimla and Darjeeling are some must visit hill stations.

For your Indian Holidays, make sure that you do not miss out on the simple joys of street shopping. The vendors offer some delightful products that could double up as excellent souvenirs or take home gifts for friends and loved ones!

If spiritual travel is on your mind, choose to go for ancient shrines such as the Golden Temple in Amritsar, white Jain temples of Rajasthan and stone carved Sun temple of Konark.

India is elaborate and it is nearly impossible to see the entire country in a single visit. You may choose to either visit some beaches or hill stations in close vicinity on a single visit. Or you may commute between north and south such that you get the feel of the entire country on your visit. Domestic flights in India are inexpensive to let you make the best of your India travel.


On your first trip to India, you might feel a culture shock of sorts. You’d find the country different from your home. India is large in size and the diversity which prevails is astonishing.
You’d come across a whole lot of religions and cultures, and there’d be huge cities that bustle with activity round the clock.

The following tips could help make sure that your Indian holidays are delightful and joyful as can be, in particular if you’re a first time visitor.


1. Make Sure You Don’t Run Out Of Energy!

Foreign tourists, especially the ones who come to India for the first time could at times be taken over by fatigue.
You might expect India to be warmer than your home country. So putting up with the heat is going to be a challenge. If, combined with that, one tries to do way too much in too little time while in India, one might tend to get exhausted.

India grows over one over time. But still, setting up a proper itinerary for your visit is very important.

One of the ways to go about the same is to explore a destination heartily on a single visit. You may choose to return again to visit India in all its dimensions and colors.

2. Make Sure You Capture The Scenic Glory Of India

When In India, do spend time in the metropolitan cities. But make sure you find time to visit the glorious Himalayan mountain ranges and the slow paced but exceedingly beautiful hill stations which are often a hub for tourists.

For instance, backwaters and beaches of Kerala will induct you into a different world altogether. Kerala has often been known as ‘God’s Own Country’!

3. Keep The Local Ethics In Mind!!

Indian culture is relatively modest, so you may plan out your dresses accordingly. A very important tip in this regard is always making sure that you remove your shoes before entering any sacred place or a place of worship.

Now just like there are some things you must do while in India, there are some things you must avoid as well. That’s because one has to make sure that one adheres to the local customs.

Locals, in general are pretty much tolerant to foreign travelers. Let’s take a look at a list of things you’d want to not do while in India.


1. Avoid touching books, paper or even newspaper with your feet. In India, books are considered the Goddess of learning.

2. Avoid taking a sip from others glasses. It is considered as a violation of privacy.

3. Drinking or even smoking in public is considered offensive.

4. Use only bottled water for drinking.

5. Go that extra mile to avoid arguments.

6. Avoid driving in India unless you are trained to do so.

7. Avoid discussing religion. Cows are considered very sacred in India.

8. When in India, you’d want to stay safe. Avoid being on the roads after 8 in the evening.

9. If the location is crowded, pickpocketing could be an issue. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.