goa wellness fest


Yogic Wellness & Healing includes:

  • Introductory Yoga practices for beginners

  • Daily 2 – 4 hrs multi-form Yogic training for regular practitioners

  • Interaction & Education forums with Instructors & co-participants

Restorative | Vipasana series | Iyenger yoga | Agility & strength building

Our goal is to promote the well-being of humankind via Yoga & Meditation, while teaching practical ways to utilize them in daily life. Detox and sustainable wellness habits are initiated and visitors are encouraged to continue practice with an online support group.


An essential part of the Wellness Fest is the Ayurvedic treatments that are prescribed to initiate the healing of specific ailment or general well-being. All guests are advised to co-operate and follow the guidelines.

Herbal: Plant material & nature based remedies

Education: Adopting natural therapies at home

Lifestyle Change: Nature based activities & hobbies

Mud packs | Traditional massage | Herbal treatments | Water therapies


Based on your Vatta-Pitta-Kapa evaluation, a personalized food chart for your stay is prepared. All ingredients are Natural & Organic and are cooked based on a Satvik diet. The menu includes healthy & nourishing dishes like:

organic food

organic bfast

Dalya Upma | Organic poha | Ragi Idli | Ragi Dosa
Millet Oats & Sheera | Fresh fruits (everyday)
Beverage options: kasaya, Green tea, Black coffee


organic lunch

Fresh green salad | Buttermilk
Organic thalipeet / Jowar roti / Phulke | Sabzi
Red/Brown/Black/White rice | Organic Kadi / Rasam / Daal


organic snack

Evening Snack:
Kasaya, Green tea, Black coffee | Ragi biscuits
Organic Lentil dhokla, Maddur wadai


organic dinner

Lentil / vegetable soup
Fresh green salad
Wheat Pasta | Roti | Sabzi
Red/Brown/Black/White rice | Organic daal Kadi / Rasam / Daal

In addition to healthy eating, an immersive program “Thoughtful Food” teaches you the use of Herbs, Organic staple and Essential greens as daily foods & Herbs as medicine.